The History of Stickers and Decals in Politics

The History of Stickers and Decals in Politics

Sep 17th 2019

Stickers have played an important part in politics throughout the ages, not only in activism but as part of official campaigns too. This has been the case since way back in the 19th Century and continues to be the case in the present day. It's pretty interesting when you consider the impact that a simple sticker can have on society and those who live in it. This post explores the history of political stickers and how they've featured in our history.

Political Bumper Stickers

It's hard to believe that bumper stickers have been around since the early part of the 1900's, but it's true. In 1927, Ford released the Model A motorcar with bumpers so chunky, they seemed destined to be decorated by their owners. At first, bumper stickers would generally be used to advertise local businesses, but it wasn't long before they found a more meaningful purpose that they still hold to this day.

It wasn't till the mid 50's that political bumper stickers really gained traction, with stickers from Eisenhower's campaign popping up seemingly everywhere. "I Like Ike" was a slogan that started a revolution in the world of bumper stickers, with more and more political and patriotic stickers cropping up each and every year.

An Important Means of Self-Expression

It was during the late-60's that bumper stickers made the transition from being a simple yet effective means of advertisement, to promoting how you really feel about the world around you. Some people used bumper stickers to spread a poignant anti-war message, others used them to let people know that they were passionate about their constitutional rights. Whereas some people simply stuck an American flag sticker to their bumper, to let the world know they loved their country.

Political Stickers in Modern America

These days, political stickers have become as important to our society as war cries were to ancient tribes. It let's people know that they share a common interest, that though they may not seem like it, they have more in common with people from all walks of life than they may first think. It's an effective means of letting people know that they're not alone in this world, that wherever they are, there's somebody who they can talk to about something that they're both passionate about.

Buying Political Stickers

Buying political stickers is a great way of expressing yourself. Letting your neighbors and colleagues know whether you vote democratic or republican has never been easier thanks to our high-quality political stickers. They're a great way to spark healthy debate and can help you to bond with people in all areas of your life.

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