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We appreciate each and every one of our loyal customers and thank you for taking the time to write. We get great pleasure in seeing the decals when they reach their final home. For our new customers please email a photo of your decals for a special discount code to save on your next order and get your photo featured in our photo gallery and social media pages.

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Hi Miss Suzanne and to anyone else associated with Decal Junky. I want to thank you all so much for my decal, it came in the mail yesterday and I put it on my truck this morning and love it! It means the world to me because is a good friend of mine who had passed away. I also wanted to note to y’all that the quality and just everything about it was perfect. I will definitely continue to do business with your website in the future!

My apologies for taking way too long to let you know how much I appreciate your fine products and Because of your inexpensive prices for custom decals, I wasn't expecting quality. It's been almost a year since we made the purchase. It was towards the end of last summer (2012) when we ordered and applied them to our Jeep. This Jeep is off-road at least twice a week, every week, in a harsh desert environment. Additionally, it goes through regular automatic brush car washes and is stored outside in the direct sun.

Because of these conditions, I expected them to be peeling or fading by the end of the summer. At the end of the summer, I told myself surely they would be peeling and fading by the end of the freezing winter and mountain snow. It is now another summer of 110+ degrees and they are holding strong and fade-free. Even the portion of the decal that the rear window wiper strikes hasn't even begun to peel.

The decals look great. The color and edges are just as crisp as the day they were applied. What really surprised me was how well they are with marketing. Through our website, we are able to track visitor activity by the hour and we can see a definite spike in site traffic during our drive times. I only have one complaint about the decals. I wish I ordered them bigger! Again, my sincere apologies for taking so long to let you know how convinced I am of your quality products. Many thanks. - John C.

I just wanted to say how much I liked the memorial cross decal I ordered in my dad's memory, I had just bought a new car and was searching to find a decal that could replace what I had on my other car, was so happy when I found your site, it was perfect and service was very fast I won't hesitate to use your services again. Thank you!

Hi. Thought I'd send you a couple of pics of my decals I had made by your company last year, after my daddy passed in June 2012. One is on the back window and the other is on the rear bumper. PIP was his nickname in Louisiana (which means PIPE in French). He was a southern Louisiana Cajun! They are in his memory. Thank you, I get many compliments! - Kathy P.

Just wanted to send in pictures of the decals I ordered. I am K9 handler, with a working Black Lab and German Shepherd. I got these for my new K9 police car. I LOVE them!!!! I have gotten nothing but compliments from everyone and fellow K9 handlers at work. I am proud of my K9 dogs, and this helps me show them off!! Thanks again. Michele

We love the quality of your decals. Short history my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer right after our son was born. We found out about the breast-cancer when our son would not breastfeed. Here we are 10 years. My son and I race go-carts and we are Team Mom in support of our survivor. - Nathan F.

Hi Suzanne, I do love my decal. I want everyone to know I have one of these beautiful animals. I am the only one in town that owns one. Thank you so much! Have a great day and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sincerely

Suzanne, I received the decals this week, and they look awesome. Kudos to you guys for being helping me create an appropriate drawing to cut the decals from, making and shipping the decals super quick, and being reasonably priced to boot. It was an unexpected pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again! - Tim M.

Dear Decal Junky, I have to tell you that I received my Clydesdale decal and I love it! I put it on my truck right away. Thank you so much. I will be more than happy to refer you to anyone looking for great decals Sincerely, Robyn

Hi, Suzanne, Thank you, once again. It's encouraging to know that there are still some good people out there who stand by their products and believe in customer satisfaction. Feel free to quote me! God bless. - Sandy

I got the mud flap girls and the flames on my bike just recently and I must say it looks amazing just like you said it would. Many of my friends have asked where I got the bike painted and once I tell them where I got the decals from they want the website, to which I def. give them. Here is a picture of my bike with all the decals on it, thank you once again. Nicholas

Suzanne, The flags arrived in great shape and they applied wonderfully and we are so pleased with the look. Thank you so much for your prompt and warm service. You were super to deal with. I will certainly use you in the future. See the attached pictures of how great the mailbox looks. Smiles

Thank you for the excellent product and prompt shipment. I know where to send my buddies for decals now! Thanks again. Jay Here is the finished product on a 1961 Beechcraft Debonair...There is something cool about flaming tip tanks at 10,000 feet!!!

You all do excellent work! I just received my fire dept. decal and it terrific! Thank you, Tracy

I wanted to let you all know that your decals are the greatest! I have had my beautiful Dreamcatcher for 3 years now and it has never peeled or come loose. I love it! I receive the MOST compliments on it and refer people to your website! I have people follow me in the parking lot to ask me if they can look at the decal and they ask me where I purchased it. I am going to order two more before long in the 10-inch size and in the gold color. I spotted another pickup just like mine with the same decal as mine on their truck, so I want to change the color of mine. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to remove a decal to replace it with another? Keep up the good work and I love Decal Junky. ~Linda

I just received the decal I ordered about a week ago and it is beautifully done. Thank you very much for your excellent service and a job well done. - Bob

Suzanne, I just wanted you to know that the decals are WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for the great work! I'm passing them out to the team this week---can't wait to see the looks on the boys' faces when they see their own individualized decals. Again, thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Pete

Hello, I ordered a bowhunter decal on Jan. 18th. I received it on Jan 25th. I also sent an email asking when it was going to be shipped and was emailed back the next day with an answer. I just want you all to know that this is SUPER customer service and that I am VERY pleased with the quality of my decal and it even came with instructions (very easy to put on). The price is great too. I have seen similar decals at sporting good stores for $20 and they don't get to be personalized. It looks GREAT on my truck. If I ever have future needs (I may just change it out every 3 months) I will contact you and I will tell all my business friends and fellow hunters about you. Thanks a Bunch, Duane

Hello, My name is Matthew. I found your website through the Yahoo Search Engine. I am an avid hunter and was pleased that you had such a great selection of hunting decals. They are so hard to find. I just wanted to say thank you for carrying such a wide variety. I plan on ordering the decal "Antlers" in an etched glass effect at a size of 12". Again I would like to say thank you and I plan on letting all of my friends know about your website. Sincerely, Matthew

You guys are great to go to this trouble for such a small order. I hope they get bigger in the near future. The second one down and about 14" long would be great for a couple of those. My website will be up and running in a few days; check it out. Thanks, Sid

Hi John. This is perfect (almost) I would like all of the letters on the bottom rocker to be the same size as the word looks great. Getting Excited. Cecil

BINGO! That's just the one that I was talking about. I'm just wondering why I didn't see it on your site since you obviously have it. Oh well! since you have it, send me back some information on how to order it, since I don't know what it's particular label is. thanks again! - Jon

To whom it may concern: I would like to thank you for your prompt return of message and quick response in order to fulfill my order correctly! I look forward to working with your company again in the future!! Sincerely, A. Shiles

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job and the prompt service. You should be getting a ton of orders, the hockey team and the cheer America group went wild over the decals, good luck Cathie, Cheboygan, Michigan GOD BLESS AMERICA

Received the decals today and wow! You guys do great stuff. It looks great on my black tinted window. My site will be up in a few days so if you know anyone struggling with an eating disorder and they need help please refer them to my site. thanks.

I just wanted to say thank you for my new white TEASE decal in Blue Ridge font! Not only am I very pleased with the product, but I was impressed by your customer service. You were always prompt with your responses to my concerns through email, very helpful and friendly sounding. I have a small homepage of my own and there is a section where I list links to various websites. I was wondering if it would be okay to post a link to your site on my page? Thank you again so much for your product and exemplary service! Aloha, Lauren

Hi, First of all your site kicks ass! This is the best decal website out there by far! Props to you! I like your Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts! sticker, but was wondering if I could get the "Cowboy Up!" cowboy put in the middle of the saying instead of the cowboy and horse in an 8'' decal. Thanks, Lisa


I just wanted to Thank-you. The order came yesterday. I am very impressed, with the Jesus decal it is absolutely beautiful. I have passed on your web page to all my friends. Thank you again. I am also looking for white rose decals for my car windows but 6 inches is too big, can you make them any smaller? Have a great day Pat

Suzanne, I DID receive our order of decals and I LOVE THEM!!!! In fact, the first day I put them out I sold 10!! Not too bad for a little store like ours. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist me in my order and for shipping it in a timely manner. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks too for calling to make sure I got the order. Thanks a million - Missouri Dept. of Conservation

I received my order today and I wanted to let you know that this window decal is one of the best quality I have seen.....Thank you, Gary
I received my first compliment today when I stopped on the way home. I told the guy about your site. He is a big fan of dragons also. I have dragon seat covers, dragon floor mats and now the etchings set everything together. I really appreciate all of your help and look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Thanx again.

Hello, this is Steve, I just received the turtle surfboard stickers and put them on my surfboards. They are very KOOOL, better than I expected, that's the good type decal that won’t come off. I will definitely order more soon. Questions: Can the turtle color be different than the lettering, i.e. a green turtle with black letters, and can I have a choice of font styles? Thank you and if I get inquiries for decals I will definitely direct them to you. Steve

Hey John, I received my decals for my safe today. The quality of the decals was impeccable. The application of the customized initials with both the bottom and top scrolls, along with the Lab with Duck, transformed my $500.00 safe into one that would cost double that amount, had I purchased it with similar images from the manufacturer. Thanks for your professional and timely response to both layout and final shipping. Sincerely, Derek

My name is Tara and I had recently ordered a decal from your website. I just wanted to let you know that it was exactly what you said it would be and looks excellent! Thank you again, and I will recommend your website to my friends. ~Tara

I just wanted to compliment you on your service. I have bought decals from you on two separate occasions now and couldn't ask for better service. Thank you so much. Respectfully, Garrett

Thanks for carrying the rodeo decals. I got the bull rider 03 as a tattoo and it looks awesome. Dayton

I am sending this email to let you know that I am very pleased with my custom made decal that I ordered from your company. I will be happy to inform everyone that we know that this is a GREAT place to order and get what they want. I would also like to say that I am so pleased with the shipment time of my order and not having to replace it like the previous places that I have ordered from. I will no longer order from for this reason alone. Again, Thank you! THUNDERBOLTS FASTPITCH & SOFTBALL 16-U

I ordered two decals from you about a year ago. I got a large decal of Jesus and the three crosses. I get so many compliments on them. People stop me in the parking lots and I tell them to go to Decal Junky where they can get their own. I also tell them that I got my decals shortly after I ordered them. That it didn’t take long at all to receive them. I hope I was able to send you some business. I will continue to spread the word. Thank you! My decals still look as good as the day they were put on! Rose

Thank you, DecalJunky! Absolutely liked the decal. Everyone is asking me where I bought them!! My kids thought the basketball decals for them were the coolest!! Great Job!! I'm sure we'll be ordering more in the future!! Thanks!! I purchased three decals for my Chevy Blazer. I got way more than I was expecting. DecalJunky has given my car an attitude that I love and that other people notice.

I wanted to let you all know that your decals are the greatest! I have had my beautiful Dreamcatcher 01 for 3 years now and it has never peeled or came loose. I love it! I receive the MOST compliments on it and refer people to your website! I have people follow me in the parking lot to ask if they can look at the decal and they ask me where I purchased it. I am going to order two more before long in the 10-inch gold color. I spotted another pickup just like mine in a different color with the same decal as mine on their truck, so I want to change the color of my decal. Ha, ha. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to remove a decal and replace it with another? Keep up the good work and I love Decal Junky! ~Linda

Hi there. I received the two Bernese Mountain Dog Decals and LOVED them. I put them on the rear windows of my minivan/dog mobile. They look awesome. I've been searching and searching for decals online, and these are the only ones that actually look like a Berner! Thanks again! Carolyn

Thank you for the most beautiful decal ever. It looks so beautiful on my car and several people have asked me where I got it. I had to call you several times but you all have been most helpful and I cannot begin to say thanks for making them. Ann

Dear DecalJunky, I just wanted to extend a great big thanks to you and the DecalJunky team. I called last week because my mom's name was spelled wrong, and I had typed in the wrong year for her birth, and you guys corrected both problems and I received the new decal today. It's not very often these days that companies are willing to put their customers first. You guys were very nice to me when I called on the phone and I really appreciate the fast and efficient way you corrected both mine and your mistake. You guys are great and I will be passing your name on to my family and friends for all of their decal needs!! Thanks again for a job well done, Katie

Maybe you wondered why anyone would need one of those barges that pose as SUVs, as you sat behind one on the I-5 or the I-405 and fumed because you couldn't peer around it to see what all the traffic was about (as if). Then you noticed the rear window, which had a cute little stick-figure decal of a dad, mom, five kids, and two dogs. Or maybe you're just proud of your little family unit and want to tell the world that you have a baby boy or girl -- or both.
Either way, these mini-families are popping up in the car windows on Orange County streets like, well, SUVs. If you want to get in on the trend, is the site for you. You can custom order your family, or select one from the many available designs. You can also add text to personalize your adorable stick family even more. Prices start at $8.

Thank you so much! The decal turned out awesome! It is just what I wanted and I get so many compliments on it! I really liked the first one you did, but we did it on the inside of the rear window and my windows are just too tinted. You can't see it at all from the outside :( But, I love the new one, so it's okay! Thanks again! angel.kiss_5

Dear Decal Junky: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for processing my most recent order so quickly. After months and months of saving, my husband and I were FINALLY able to buy our daughter a car. She has been such a good sport about waiting for us to be able to afford really is a special time for us as a family. The only thing missing from her new car was a decal with her college volleyball team!

We have planned to deliver her car this weekend and needed the decal quickly. I appreciate it more than you will ever know your ability to get the order processed and shipped so quickly. Now we can deliver a car to our sweet daughter and it will be even more perfect with the decal. So, thank you for handling my order so quickly. She will be absolutely thrilled! Sincerely, Peggy
PS-We will continue to order from you ourselves and will recommend your company to anyone who asks.
Awesome, thanks, Allison! You have been a pleasure to talk to (which is unusual for customer service) Ha Ha. Hope your day, week, month, year, and everything after that is fantastic Quothia Wolf Allison

I Got My Decal Today And it Is Great, I Love It, Thank You So Much For The Extra Time It Took You To Make It. Thank You, Teleah

I just received my window decals and LOVE them!! I had looked all over town and could not find them anywhere! Your service proved to be quick, accurate and professional and I will be sure to tell all my friends about your website! Thank you once again, GREAT job!! Be Well Be Blessed...Kara

Hi Allison, I received my decal. Looks Great. Just what I wanted. Thank You for your help. Great job guys! Thanks, Steve.

Our memorial decals came today and I love them!! Thank you so very much!! They brought tears to my eyes. My brother was murdered April 24th and it's been very hard. I have been wanting to get these just so anyone who sees them and knew my brother will always remember him and smile. I don't want him to ever be forgotten. These will help me each day. Thank you and God Bless you all. Tonia

Hi Allison, I just wanted to thank you....the decals are perfect and I appreciate the special service! Susan

To Whom It May Concern; My name is Lory Romero, I am a young woman who lost her husband unexpectedly. He was only 47. I would like for you to know that I received my decals and they were beautiful! Thank you so very much. I hope you know that it meant so much to me. Thank you Bless You. Have a Merry Christmas. Lory

Thank you again for everything! I will definitely recommend you to others and use you again in the future. You're AWESOME! Have a GREAT holiday! :) Kerry

Dear Allison, I ordered a large horse decal for the back of my hauler in late September. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It turns heads and easily identifies me as a "horse guy. When I don't have my trailer on. I get lots of compliments about it at the horse shows. The decal was easy to apply and shows no signs of wear or deterioration. Thank you so much, Mike

Suzanne, I got the decal yesterday. I was so excited. Thank you so much for doing it and it is so adorable with the little frogs all around. I absolutely can not say thank you enough or to find the words to say thank you. I was so surprised when I got it. I would have never thought about you doing that for someone like me. You have my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart! PTL! (Praise the Lord!) You are just the sweetest person. You have made my experience with your company for customer service. I love you! I'm going to tell everyone about you. Thank you once again Big Hugs always, Tynia

Great job guys. My Decal was cut precisely to the dimensions specified, fonts were correct...everything about it "spot on". Also, have 3 spares now...thanks to you including the other cuts in the cost. I consider this experience SUPERIOR customer service in every respect. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your work and willingness to work with me on one piddly little order. I will not forget it. My hat is off to you guys, you have a wonderful work ethic and were so pleasant to do business with. You may be sure...I will pass that around. Thanks again for your help. John

I received my new decal. With a houseful of company I have not yet put it on. I will call soon and speak to John in production for installation instructions. Thanks for your wonderful service and the wonderful help of Allison. Regards, Sharon

Allison, I cannot thank you enough. I will continue to order from you in the future and continue to recommend your company. I greatly appreciate it and will let you know as soon as I receive them. Again, THANK YOU so much and have a wonderful day. Best Regards, Debbie

Allison, I received my decal today and I LOVE IT!!! It is beautiful and I can't wait to put it on my car. Thanks so much for the great work and I will recommend you to all of my friends. Jeannie Picknell.

Thanks, I am sure I will have another order soon.. My son has been looking at the large decals and I am sure he will like one. Thank you again for all your help. It's rare to find customer service like this in today's market. Randy

I just wanted to write and inform you that my order did arrive this time and was not lost in transit as perhaps the original order was. I just wanted to personally thank you for the care and professionalism you've shown on such a small order as mine was and speaks volumes for you and your company. It was a pleasure to do business with you and again, my thanks. Phil

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my issue. It is so hard to find good customer service in this day and time that it is nice to see when a company excels in it. I received my decals yesterday in the mail. The other email address connects to the same one so I got them both. I will be a returning customer for all my decal needs and recommend y’all to anyone who made need them just because of the response I got from you. Thank you so much, Amy

I answered your rating request on your website but wanted to show you how great my decal looks of my Newfoundland, Brewin. You guys are the best, it is gorgeous, looks like etched glass just as you stated on the website, unbelievable service from start to finish with instructions as easy as you said they would be...I love it, it looks just like him! - Carol

Received our "Buggy Buddies" mini horse and cart decal yesterday and couldn't wait to put it on our daughter's new MiniCoach. It is awesome on the back ramp!!! Thank you so much, She is thrilled! -Joni

I received my decals yesterday. I wanted to thank you they're awesome, exactly how I wanted them. They mean so much and I'm sure my brother is looking down smiling. Thanks again, Phil.