Get answers to frequently asked questions about our decals & stickers for cars & windows. How to order custom decals, shipping dates, decal colors, sizes, how to apply vinyl decals and more!

What color is the background?

The decals that we sell have no background. The background pieces are removed by hand leaving only the image. They are applied using a transfer or application tape and look painted or etched onto the surface.

What is a vinyl cut out decal?

Vinyl cut out decals are made using a computer and a large roll of durable weatherproof sign vinyl that can be applied indoors or outdoors. We use the same vinyl material that is used for vehicle graphics, exterior signage, and store window lettering. Vinyl decals don't fade like the printed types and last for years on cars, windows, trucks, RVs, and the body or window of any vehicle. The decals can be used indoors on walls, shower doors, appliances, picture frames, toy boxes, and most any other smooth surface.

How do you size the decals? Is the size listed the width or the height?

The sizes for each decal is listed on the product page in the drop down size menu. The size listed is the measurement on the decal at the largest point. If the image is taller than it is wide the decal will measure 6'' tall etc. Most decals are offered in sizes as small as 4'' and as large as 24'' We cut custom size decals when requested. When a decal is personalized we add your desired text in proportion to the image then size the decal to the size ordered so the sizes listed will include any text that has been added.

Do you have a catalog?

We use our online catalog as our visual and don’t offer a printed catalog. We add new decals regularly and it would be impossible to keep up in print. If you don't see what you want in our online catalog please use the link on our Custom Decals page and submit your request. If we don't have it we can make it. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Decal orders are mailed out on Tuesday & Friday of every week. First Class Mail orders received on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are scheduled to mail out on Tuesday. First Class Mail orders received on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday are scheduled to mail out on Friday. Priority & Express Shipping orders mail out the same day or the next business day.

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped United States Postal Service and delivered with your regular mail.

How much is shipping?

Shipping amount is based on the order total. Please visit our Shipping Information Page for more details on the different shipping methods and associated costs.

Can I put my decal on the inside of the window?

By default, the decals are cut to be applied to the outside. If you want the decals cut to be applied to the inside please select the option for inside application on the product page. When we cut decals to be applied to the inside, the image is cut in reverse and the adhesive is on the face of the decal.

Do you offer different sizes than the ones listed?

If you need a size not listed or if you need the decal to fit within a certain size area please order the closest size and add a note in the order comments on the checkout page of the exact size that you need the decal to be cut. Please also include a valid phone number or email address so we can contact you if we have any questions.

Do you make custom decals?

For custom decals made from your own design or artwork please visit our Custom Decals Information page for artwork specifications and ordering instructions.

Do you have other colors than the ones listed in the catalog?

If you need a color not listed in the catalog please make a note in the order comments on the checkout page. If we have the color we will process the order. If we don’t t have the color we will contact you by phone or by email. 

Will my rear window defrost or wiper blade hurt the decal?

The rear window defrost will hot harm the decal. The defrost does not get hot enough to cause damage to the vinyl. If you have a rear window windshield wiper you may want to apply the decal in the top center or in a corner out of reach of the wiper blade. With repeated use of the wiper it may cause the decal to start to peel on the outer edges. This will also cause wear and tear on your wiper blade.

Do you make multi-color decals?

The decals that we sell are single color vinyl cut out decals. The only multi-color decals that we offer are the flag decals and a few others. When we make multi-color stickers and decals each color is cut individually then the colors are put together by hand. If you need multi-color stickers in large quantity please send us the information and we will be glad to make recommendations for a supplier if we are unable to grant your request. All custom decal orders are quoted on an individual basis.

What is an etched glass decal?

Etched glass decals are cut using a specialty gray frosted translucent vinyl and when applied to a glass surface gives the illusion of the image being etched into the glass. The etched glass decals look beautiful on tinted windows or any glass surface. Etched glass decals work great for any quick and easy home decor project, just peel and stick inside or outside.

Can I design my own decal?

You can enter any special instructions about the size, text or layout and design of your order in the order comments on the checkout page. Please provide a valid email address or phone number so we can contact you if we have any questions. If you need a decal made using your own artwork please email the information to us following the instructions on the Custom Decals information page. We will work with you by email to get the exact decal that you need. All of our decals are custom cut when the orders are received.

I only need lettering. Can I order a text decal without any artwork?

You can order custom text decals from our Custom Text & Vinyl Lettering Decals section of our website. These decals are sized by the width of each line. If you have size or design preferences please enter those in the special instructions box during the checkout process. We will make the decal to your specifications. You may also include notes that you would like to receive a sample and a sample will be emailed to you before the order is processed. This may delay shipping if we don’t hear back from you because the order will be placed on hold while waiting for your reply.

Do you ship C.O.D.?

Decal Junky does not accept C.O.D. orders. Our company accepts most major credit cards and PayPal options through our online checkout. We can accept your order online, by phone or by mail. Regular mail orders are accepted with a check or money order. Please see our Customer Service Page for mail order instructions and mailing address.

Can I place an order using a Purchase Order?

If you have an order that you want to place and you don't want to use the online checkout please give us a call during regular customer service business hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm CST 662.327.8916 or send us an email with the information for the order. The decals that you want, the design, size, quantity and color etc. we will be work up the order for you and provide you with an invoice by email that can be paid through the online checkout or through your Paypal account. You may also print the invoice and mail a check or money order following the mail order instructions on our Customer Service page.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

Shipping confirmations are sent to the email address on the order when the order ships. The shipping confirmation email contains your tracking number and a link to track delivery when applicable. If you don’t receive the shipping confirmation the email was returned to us as undeliverable. This can happen when there is an error in the email address when it was entered on the order.

What if I received a shipping confirmation but never received my order?

If you received a shipping confirmation email and your First Class Mail order was not received within ten business days of the original shipping date please contact us by email or by phone Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm CST at 662-327-8916 so we can make an effort to locate the missing package by opening a missing package claim with the United States Postal Service. Decal Junky is not responsible for orders not received after 30 days.

How do I cancel an order already placed?

If you need to cancel an order that has been placed please contact us using our contact form, send us an email or call us during regular customer service business hours, Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm CST. Please include your order number and the reason for the cancellation. Decal Junky is forced to charge a 10% cancellation fee on orders that are canceled after the close of business on the same day. The cancellation fee covers the processing fees that we are charged to process the order. If you cancel the order before the close of business on the same day there is zero cancellation fee.

What do you do with customer information?

All of the information that you provide is used for business with Custom Signs Decal Junky only. We want you to feel safe and secure when doing business with us. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your decal purchase and will work with you any way that we can to make sure you get the decal that you want. If for some reason you decide that the decal that you ordered is not what you want, we offer a refund minus the amount for shipping plus 10% to cover processing fees. Please return the decal to us in the original condition and a refund will be issued. Decals should be returned within 30 days for refund or exchange. Decal Junky does not offer refunds on bulk orders. If the decals contain an error on our part they will be replaced at no charge. Please visit our Customer Service page for more detailed information.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We offer the decals at a discount when you order in quantity of 12 or more. Pricing is dependent on the type of artwork provided, the design, size, and quantity ordered. To receive our discount & wholesale pricing please send us an email with the details and we will be glad to provide pricing along with a sample. Please attach any artwork that you may have along with your request.

Do the decals adhere to canvas and fabrics?

Not very well. The decals can be made as a one time stencil for painting the image onto the canvas or fabric. To make a stencil for painting or glass etching the decals are cut in reverse with the image being removed from the vinyl. The paint used for painting on canvas and fabrics is called 1 Shot Sign Paint speed dry UV acrylic and can be purchased at a sign supply store either locally or online. If you need a stencil for painting or etching please send the information to us and we will be happy to set this up for you. Length, letter style, overall size and design. Simple graphics work best. It gets tedious when you work with intricate designs.

What type of surfaces do the decals stick to?

Vinyl cut out decals can be applied to most smooth surfaces that include but not limited to cars, windows, walls, trucks, boats, motorcycles, the body of any vehicle, metal, most plastics, fiberglass, mailboxes, mirrors, aluminum, painted wood, etc. Some have used the decals for floor graphics on tile. Clean the area well to remove any dust and oily residue. The decals will not adhere to a surface that has been waxed. You can wax over the decals after application they just won’t stick to the wax. The decals can also accept a clear coat if needed.

My car was in an accident and I lost my decal.

Depending on your Insurance policy, the insurance company will sometimes cover the cost of your replacement decal if you provide a receipt with your insurance claim. If you need a receipt use the contact us form below and we will be glad to email a copy to you.

My decal doesn't show up well on the window.

The lighter color decals show up best on vehicle & car windows. When you apply the decal the application or transfer tape must be removed to expose the decal clearly. If you are seeing a frosty appearance or outline around the decal the application tape has not been removed. If the application tape is not removed during the application process rain and dust will accumulate between the window and the application tape making it bubble and wrinkle.

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