Military Decals Throughout History

Military Decals Throughout History

Oct 1st 2019

Slogans have been used for as long as recorded history, as they're an important way of conveying messages. Memorable phrases designed to spur on others or help a popular cause gain traction feature prominently throughout the history books and are still used in present day America. From the days of ancient Rome, through to Napoleon, and right up to the present day.

These days, it's common for people to show their support for the military with the help of a bumper sticker or window decal. This isn't just limited to people who have served, or who have family or friends who have served. Instead, military decals are adored by people from all walks of life, as being a meaningful way to honor the brave troops who do so much for our country.

The History of Military Decals

During the Vietnam War, the country was divided. There were people who passionately believed that the U.S. shouldn't be involved in events overseas, and on the other hand, there was folks who supported the actions of the U.S. military and its troops.

It was during this difficult time that stickers supporting the military started showing up on vehicles, billboards, and virtually everywhere you can think of, in seemingly every city and town in the country. These powerful slogans were designed to show support for the military and its troops, and achieved this in a memorable fashion.

Following the Vietnam War, there was a variety of stickers honoring the military present throughout the United States. However, it wasn't until the Gulf War, in late 1990, that another slogan began to emerge, a slogan that is still as popular today as when it first rose to popularity in 1990.

Support our troops is one the most famous slogans in modern American history and continues to be an ever-present feature in virtually every town and city throughout the United States. The idea of supporting our troops is as popular know as it was during the Gulf War.

Military Decals in Modern America

Applying a military to decal is an important way of letting people know that you're honoring all who have served. You don't need to have a personal connection to somebody in the military to be able to honor what they have done, and what they're continuing to do for our country.

If you're husband is serving, you may wish to show that you're an army wife - who knows? Proudly displaying one of these military decals could lead to you meeting other army wives and forging new friendships. Maybe you're an army veteran?

Adorning your vehicle with a tasteful military decal can let other veterans know that you share the same story. Gun decals with slogans can let other people know that you're aware of the hardships that our troops face when they're stationed overseas.