We Love Our Customers!

We Love Our Customers!

Posted by Suzanne Thomas on Aug 29th 2018

We received this great testimonial email today and wanted to share! We love our customers, we enjoy hearing from them and we do our best to make sure they receive the decals that they want.

On August 17, 2018 I placed the following order (#) which included the words "Cruse By The Sea". When I received my decal today not only did I receive a decal with it spelt "Cruse By The Sea", but a second one (free of charge) with it spelt "Cruise By The Sea" with a little note stating, "Not sure if misspelling was intentional, so we sent one with "Cruse" & one with "Cruise" Thanks!".

Not only did I have to laugh over the note, but I have to say I was very impressed with Decal Junky for going up and beyond the call of duty in making sure my decal was correct. Just to let you know the "Cruse" was done intentionally. It is a play on words with my maiden name "Cruse" and "Cruse By The Sea" was the name given to my parent's beach house which now belongs to myself and my two sisters.

I have enclosed a picture of the decal so you can see how well it looks on my car. I have also enclosed a picture of the decal that I had removed, which was my original decal that I got from you a little over 4 years ago (my son is now off to his first year at college).

I wanted to show you how well the decal has stood up over the years to many harsh winters, brutal summers, car washes and lots of scraping of ice off the car windows (I live in the Northeast). It still looked as new as the day I applied it. If I wasn't already impressed with your product and your company I certainly would be based on what you just did regarding this decal.

You definitely have a customer for life. Thanks again.


Louise R.