How to use Vinyl Decals

How to use Vinyl Decals

Posted by Suzanne Thomas on Oct 28th 2018

There are many ways to use custom vinyl decals and stickers. They can be used to promote a business, service, product, or organization. They can be applied to your car window to display your favorite hobby or sport. Used to personalize items such as computer, tumblers, gun cabinets, vehicles, boats, and just about any smooth flat surface.

Apply custom vinyl decals to any smooth wall in your home to add your own personality or favorite quote. Put your inspiration on your bathroom mirror as a reminder each morning. The decals also serve as a decoration. Vinyl decals are durable and designed to be used indoors or outdoors in the elements.

People enjoy getting custom stickers and decals included with any product that they purchase. It is a nice gesture and also serves as a great way to bring awareness to your product.

One fun way to use custom vinyl decals is to apply them to your mailbox. Add your street address, house number, or any other design. Name borders or custom monogram decals give a plain mailbox personality and they look great. A visible number on your mailbox also help to assist law enforcement, fire departments and ambulance drivers in locating your residence in an emergency. Vinyl house number decals are durable and will last for years. A custom house number is more decorative than the plain square numbers found at your local discount or building stores and can be cut any size to fit your needs.

Use vinyl decals on chalkboards and make a cute sign for your wedding. Apply decals to a painted sign or glass door or window. The possibilities are endless and you are only limited by your imagination. Make his and hers wine glasses or coffee mugs. Apply decals to your stainless steel tumbler or Yeti cooler.

Vinyl decals applied to your car window are great to advertise while you are driving your car. With cell phones today it can be quite profitable to display your business or services along with a phone number on your car. If you have a restaurant that offers take out or are a representative selling products for a company. A one time decal purchase will continue to advertise for you as long as it is on your car. Day or night, anywhere that vehicle is parked it is working for you. Unlike an ad in a phone book that has to be renewed every year and has a monthly fee attached. Most don’t even see the ad unless they open the book to that exact page and to get the attention of the user the ad needs to be large which in turn costs more. Advertising with vinyl car decals just makes sense when you compare it to all other forms of offline advertising.

You can also put your web address on your car window and drive traffic to your site while driving your car. Stickers on cars get noticed and can be very profitable for you.

There are many places to purchase vinyl decals. If you want good durable decals that are going to last you may go down to your local sign shop. There are also many websites online that sell them. It is a good idea to know what kind of vinyl is being used because all vinyls are not the same. Some are designed to last only three to six months and some are designed to last five to seven years so don’t let the cheap prices trick you into believing that you are getting the same quality for a lower price.

Custom vinyl decals can be used in so many different and creative ways. We have lots of customers that send us photos of their projects and we post them in our photo gallery and on our social media pages.

Vinyl decals are also great for fundraisers. People like them and they enjoy supporting their cause. They are an easy sell and help get the word out about your organization.

To view videos about how we manufacture the decals and instructions on decal application please click here!