Custom Decals Ordering Information

Decal Junky Stick ‘Em Up!

Custom Decals Ordering Information:

Custom decals pricing is not provided by phone. A copy of the usable artwork or design must be provided by email or regular mail. Please include a copy of the artwork, the size and quantity needed and any design preferences with your request. When we receive the information a sample will be provided by email along with pricing and order information. Please email all custom decals questions to

Artwork Specifications:

Vector Art (line art) is the preferred format for making the decals. If you don’t have the vector art we may be able to trace a high resolution (300 dpi) jpg or png. Solid black on white background yield the best tracing result.

The quality of the trace is only as good as the artwork provided.

Please convert all text and fonts to art or outline form before sending. If the font used in the artwork is not installed on our local systems our computer will automatically substitute or replace the font with an installed font. The substituted font will most likely not look anything like the font that was originally used so it important to convert all text to outline or art form before sending.

To select a custom font please visit, select your desired typestyle and send a link to your selection along with your custom decals request.

If you don’t have the recommended vector art there is a great online vector tracing tool. They also have some great tutorials if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Please provide the vector art in vector eps, svg or pdf formats.

Art Fees:

Decal Junky does not charge any art fees. The preferred format for the making the decals is a vector (line art) If you don’t have the vector art we may be able to trace a high-resolution jpg or png at minimum 300 dpi. If you are unsure about what you have please attach it to an email and we will do our best to work with it or make suggestions.

Software Compatibility: 

The links below provide free trial software downloads. These software products are for the seasoned graphics person. We are familiar with all three of these and all three are great products. We use and recommend the Adobe Illustrator. If you use the Corel Draw program please save the artwork as a vector eps.

Adobe Illustrator Download trial version.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite Download trial version.

Adobe Photoshop Download trial version.

Minimum Order Requirement:

Decal Junky does not have a minimum order requirement. Our company accepts custom decal orders for one single decal or decals in large quantity. We offer a discount for a quantity of 12 or more. Pricing is dependent on the type of artwork provided, the design, size, and quantity ordered. All custom decal orders are quoted on an individual basis.

Note: Images that contain a trademark or copyright will not be considered for reproduction without proof of ownership or written permission from the owner.

Email your custom decals request, please include a copy of the artwork, the size, quantity and any design preferences that you may have.