Smiley Face & Emoji Decals

Smiley Face & Emoji Decals & Stickers For Cars, Windows & Walls

A happy face is contagious, bringing a smile to those who see it. Decal Junky offers smiley face and happy face decals with flowers, crooked smiles, sunshines and goofy faces. Add custom text to your car sticker to bring out more laughter and then choose a fun color such as traditional yellow, blue or pink. We will happily cut your smiley face window decal to any size you wish so you can apply it to you car window, boat, wall or just about any smooth surface. 

Happy face decals are extremely durable and can withstand most weather conditions. Decals also make a great gift for friends and those that need a little cheering up. So go ahead, be happy and make someone else happy to with a smiley face from Decal Junky.